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Direct flights to Uganda's national parks to boost tourism and protect wildlife

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Tourists will be able to fly directly into Uganda’s national parks without first having to clear immigration at the country’s international airport, authorities announced at the Giants Club Conservation and Investment Forum, held on October 6 in Kampala.

 “Requiring all visitors entering Uganda to do so only at Entebbe International Airport was holding back the potential to fully develop the country’s tourism potential,” said Justus Karuhanga, Uganda representative for the Giants Club. 

“This step furthers regional integration by making it very easy, say, for a tourist visiting Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve to take one flight and land directly into Uganda’s tropical rainforest at Kibale National Park,” said Karuhanga.

The move, approved by the Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Civil Aviation Authority, would see tourists clearing immigration on arrival at the airfields within the national parks.

This comes soon after Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya enacted a joint visa scheme, allowing visitors to visit any of the three countries on a single-entry permit.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) said it would reduce hotel bed night fees by 50% for tourists staying more than five nights at properties opened after the Forum, and cut fees on groups of more than ten people by 20%.

In addition, UWA will waive aircraft landing fees for investors during their first year of operation, offer a 12-month grace period on new operators’ annual fees, as well as cover costs incurred in promoting the new enterprises in UWA bulletins, publications, and brochures, according to The Independent. 

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