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Plans to turn Maputo into tourist hub

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The Councillor for Economic Activities of Maputo City Council, João Munguambe, recently announced that the Mozambican government was setting aside $200 million to help turn Maputo into a competitive tourist destination.

Munguambe was speaking about how the city struggled with large crowds arriving daily on cheap flights and cruise ships.

“The Mozambican capital receives, on average, 40 000 tourists who dock in the Port of Maputo.” He said, with eyes on this influx, through annual visits of business and leisure cruises, the government and the private sector were already capitalising on tourism growth, hence up to $200m would be spent on the city’s face lift, Munguambe told APA News in an interview on Monday.

Summer beach destinations in Maputo and a rise in more affordable flights have contributed to the growth in international arrivals to the city, which posted more than 10% growth in 2017.

Munguambe said the $200m was intended for the rehabilitation of public-private infrastructures. “The council made a preliminary survey of the costs necessary to make the project feasible, with most of the amount to be disbursed by the private sector,” reports APA News.

Ruins around Maputo were attractive sites for consideration and, for these, the building should apply subsidised rates, said Munguambe.

Rather than limiting the number of tourists, all of whom spend on hotels, food and souvenirs, the city is coming up with ways to channel tourist flows away from just the most popular attractions.

The country aims to attract more travellers to its unspoilt beaches and diving spots along its Indian Ocean coast.

According to APA News, the government expects investment in its fast-growing tourism sector to jump five-fold to $2 billion over the next few years, further pushed by investors from South Africa and others from China, Kuwait, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

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