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‘Travellers to Kenya can be assured of safety protocols’

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Kenya is ready to welcome international guests, and travellers should feel assured that “they are in the best of (gloved and sanitised) hands” when choosing Kenya for safari and sea, sanity and serenity.

So said Brooke Berlin – a US-based business development and sales and marketing representative for various tourism entities across Africa – following a recent trip from the US to Kenya.

She points out that after a few “opening day” glitches and a flattening of the learning curve, travellers can feel confident about venturing out to Kenya.

In her trip report she quotes Kenyan resident, Simon Penfold of Scenic Air Safaris as saying: “Kenya is not fooling around when it comes to protocols. There are no grey areas when it comes to safety, security, health and hygiene. The government has been very clear from the beginning about what needs to happen to ensure safety for citizens and guests: wearing a mask in public is now a law passed in parliament; the curfews are strict and enforced; every camp and lodge must pass a health certification that includes a health official on property to check and green light the SOPs and is only good for three months and then there is another visit and re-certification.”

Berlin added that, with a bit of planning, attention to detail, and ability to be flexible if needed, guests will enjoy some of the most sought-after animal viewing, personal space and privacy, rest and rejuvenation, and sense of accomplishment and connectedness knowing they are directly and positively affecting the renewal of conservation and community initiatives that are more imperative than ever. 

Source: TU

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