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Ombu Cultural Village opens in Namibia

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The Ombu Cultural Village has recently opened in Namibia, showcasing the Ovaherero tradition and culture to tourists.

Situated on Ombu Farm, half-way between Etosha National Park and Windhoek, the Ombu Cultural Village gives tourists a detailed and interactive way to improve their understanding and appreciation of the Ovaherero culture.

On arrival, guides will usher tourists into through the Ovahereroheritage which has been passed through generational storytelling. There are interactive guided tours of the village where tourists can enter houses and see how the Ovaherero people live, collect and prepare food, their perfumes and clothing.

The guides will explain different facets of the Ovaherero people including their belief system and customs, initiation ceremonies, marriage, economic system and construction of houses. Guests are encouraged to touch, feel and taste during the tour, as well as ask questions to the villagers and guides.

The tour then moves to the museum, which features exhibitions of cultural artefacts, history and status. The tour is rounded off by a visit to the curio shop, after which guests can go up to the upper storey balcony for a view of the village and a drink.

“We want to show the world who the historic Ovaherero people are and how they have evolved, survived, adapted and recreated ourselves into today’s world,” says Ally Karaerua, co-founder of the project.

For more information on the Ombu Cultural Village, click here.


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