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Increasing Tourism To Rwanda

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With effect from 18th September 2014, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has appointed Kamageo – a UK-based marketing and representation agency - to increase tourism to Rwanda, adopting their recently launched “Remarkable Rwanda” campaign.

Kamageo will be responsible for implementing a 9-month long marketing programme targeting the travel trade, media and consumers in the UK, Germany, Russia, USA and Canada.

Ambassador Yamina Karitanyi, Head of Tourism and Conservation, explained that “In recent years, Rwanda has seen a huge growth in tourism development, with new destinations, activities and accommodation options constantly increasing. Now is the time to encourage more international visitors to experience our remarkable country for themselves”.

Tim Henshall, Kamageo’s MD stated that “Rwanda has long been famed for its incredible Mountain Gorilla encounters and whilst this will remain as a major thrust for increasing visitors numbers, we are equally keen to highlight the variety of other activities and attractions across the country. These combine to make Rwanda more than just a ‘gorilla express’, with discerning travellers wanting to see all of remarkable Rwanda”.

Birding, primate-viewing, adventure, culture and history all form part of the Rwanda story which will be highlighted over the coming months.

Kamageo has its HQ near Nottingham, UK and has affiliate offices in the USA, Germany and Czech Republic to serve the required markets.

For more information on Rwanda, please contact Kamageo at the contact point below or visit

Tim Henshall
Managing Director
+44 (0)1664 823750 / +44 (0) 781 0508791

Adele Cutler
Marketing Manager
+44 (0)1664 823750 / +44 (0) 7676 578988 

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